Melvin Nelson

Don’t Get Distracted By These Things When Completing Your First Solo Jumps

If you're serious about learning to skydive, enrolling in a course will take you from an absolute novice to someone who is comfortable skydiving over a series of weeks. In-class lessons, followed by jumps in which you're strapped to an instructor, give you the background knowledge that you'll need in advance of taking your first solo jump. A successful solo jump is often required in order to graduate from a skydiving school, so it's critical for you to perform this test well. Read More 

6 Traits To Look For In Your Ice Fishing Tip-Up

If you want to go ice-fishing this year, you need to purchase an ice fishing tip-up. A tip-up allows you to hang bait over your ice hole down into the water. It allows you to suspend bait over your fishing hole, and see if a fish has hit your bait, without having to keep a fishing pole in your hands the entire time. A high-quality tip-up bar will have a trip far, a wide stable base, a flag lock, a hook holder, a large bait clip, and quality spool. Read More 

New To Cycling? Tips To Avoid Looking Like A Rookie

It is understandable if you do not want to look like a rookie on your first day as an amateur cyclist. Unfortunately, your cycling gear could give you away the minute you step outdoors. Luckily, if you choose the right gear, you can look like an experienced cyclist even if you are not one. Here are some tips to remember while shopping for your gear: Select a Jersey for Your Body Type Read More 

Keeping Your Thumbs Green: How To Create A Compact Gardening Kit

Gardening can be a fun and rewarding hobby, but if your garden shed is not close to your flower or vegetable gardens, it can also be laborious. Creating a compact gardening kit is one way to make your daily hobby a bit easier. Here are a few options to consider when creating this kit. Folding Garden Wagons Folding garden wagons are perfect for avid gardeners. They offer all the space you need for your tools, and they can be stored neatly away in a shed or closet for the winter months. Read More 

Moving Up To A Wooden Bat League? Strengthen Your Body In These Ways

If you've played baseball with composite bats and are now joining a league that uses wooden bats — perhaps a summer collegiate league — one of the things that you'll notice is that these bats are heavier. This means that you'll need to start your swing a little sooner and maybe alter some of your mechanics, but strengthening your hands, wrists, and forearms will also help your wooden bat to feel lighter in your hands. Read More