Melvin Nelson

4 Tips For Saving Money On A Vacation Home

When going on vacation, renting a private vacation home is definitely worth considering. Unlike staying in a hotel, you will actually feel like you belong in the community you are visiting. Most vacation homes are right in the center of the area you are visiting, which makes it close to everything you are going to want to see during your stay. However, for this reason, renting a vacation home can sometimes be a bit more costly, which is why you should consider these four tips for saving money: Read More 

Features And Capabilities Of An Electric Scooter Cooler

An electric scooter cooler is a fun vehicle that allows you to keep your food and beverages cold while you ride a motor scooter. This vehicle consists of a cooler on wheels with handlebars on one end. It comes in different sizes and has a range of capabilities. To ride a scooter cooler, you can sit directly on the cooler and steer with the handlebars. Here are some of the features that are currently available on a scooter cooler:  Read More 

Three Safety Basics All Beginning Whitewater Rafters Should Know

If you've never been whitewater rafting before, be prepared to fall in love with this incredible sport. You'll see pristine wilderness areas, experience the thrill of the power of the water, make new friends, and create a lifetime of memories. You'll get even more out of the experience if you get off to a good start on your journey with whitewater rafting by cultivating solid safety strategies. You probably already know that you'll be required to wear a personal flotation device and a helmet when whitewater rafting, but there are some safety tips that aren't so obvious. Read More