Reasons To Consider A Lanyard For Your Revolver

If you have a revolver that you plan to carry concealed, you'll need the right holster that not only keep the firearm secure against your body, but also allow you to draw it quickly if you feel in danger. It's worthwhile to also think about the accessories that can make it easier safer to carry a concealed firearm. One accessory to think about in this regard is a revolver lanyard, which is essentially a piece of elasticized rubber cord that connects the handle of the firearm to your belt or holster. Here are some reasons that this accessory is a smart investment.

Less Chance Of Losing Control

The number one concern of anyone who is carrying a concealed firearm is losing control of his or her weapon. This problem can typically happen in one of two ways — you could knock the gun out of its holster, or someone could disarm you. There are different outcomes to both of these unwanted scenarios. For the former, you could create pandemonium if your gun were to fall to the ground from your clothing while you're in a crowd. For the latter, an assailant may be able to hurt or kill you. A revolver lanyard completely eliminates the risk of having the gun fall out of its holster and significantly reduces the chance of someone disarming you.

It Won't Interfere With Usage

You might feel a little concerned that a lanyard that runs between your firearm and your belt or holster will limit you. The good news is that it won't — although you might wish to use the lanyard when you visit the shooting range, simply to get used to it. The elasticity of the lanyard means that it won't be cumbersome when the gun is safely in its holster, but when you draw the weapon, the lanyard will extend as long as you need it. Keep in mind that you don't want to get the firearm too far away from your body, so even a shorter lanyard won't get in the way.

It's Quick To Remove

If there comes a point that you need to remove the lanyard, it takes only a second or two. Generally, the end of the lanyard that attaches to your holster or belt does so with Velcro, so you simply need to pull the two pieces apart. Whether you want to change belts or you find yourself in a situation in which you need to hand your firearm to someone else in a dangerous situation, the lanyard is quick to take off.