Why You Need A Side Saddle Shell Holder For A Home Defense Shotgun

When you've invested in a shotgun for home defense, you need to think about what accessories you'll also buy to equip the firearm. A flashlight mounted to the barrel is a smart idea, as you may need to use the firearm to defend yourself during the nighttime. You should also think about a shell holder that you can mount to the shotgun to carry additional shells. With numerous styles to consider, don't be daunted by how to proceed. You'll generally find that a side saddle holder is optimal for your home defense shotgun. Here are some reasons why.

It Prevents Fumbling For Extra Shells

Without a shell holder mounted to your shotgun, you risk facing two undesirable situations — either you run out of shells in a firefight or you have to fumble for the extra shells that you threw in your pocket while you retrieved your shotgun. In the event that you empty your shotgun and have to reload, you can lose the tactical advantage, as well as potentially be overpowered by the intruder, when you're in the process of pulling shells out of your pocket and attempting to load them. With a side saddle shell holder, you won't face this situation.

You Can Reload Quickly

Some shotgun owners favor shell holders on the stock of the weapon, and while this placement can work, it's not conducive to reloading the firearm quickly. To retrieve a shell from this location, you need to reach back to the stock, pull out the shell, and reach forward to load it. Each of these steps wastes valuable fractions of a second. With a side stock shell holder, the shells are kept directly above where you need to load them. This means that, with practice, you can easily load additional shells into your shotgun extremely quickly.

It Looks More Intimidating

When it comes to defending your home, you want to look as intimidating as possible. In its own right, a shotgun offers a hefty intimidation factor. However, when you add a side saddle shell holder with additional ammunition, any intruder will be more frightened of you. With a holder on the stock, the additional shells may be concealed by your arm or body. However, when your spare shells are on the side of the shotgun, they're easily visible — and an intruder who may be thinking about engaging you can quickly decide otherwise because he or she realizes that you have more ammunition.

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