Moving Up To A Wooden Bat League? Strengthen Your Body In These Ways

If you've played baseball with composite bats and are now joining a league that uses wooden bats — perhaps a summer collegiate league — one of the things that you'll notice is that these bats are heavier. This means that you'll need to start your swing a little sooner and maybe alter some of your mechanics, but strengthening your hands, wrists, and forearms will also help your wooden bat to feel lighter in your hands. Read More 

Think About Using A Jon Boat For Fishing

If you love to fish, you want to be able to get to where the fish are. Fishing off a dock or the shore can be good for some fish, but for others, you need to be out on the water, in the middle of the stream, river, or lake. To do that, you are going to need some kind of fishing boat. A jon boat can be a good choice for you. Read More 

It’s A Big One! How To Prepare For Your First Ocean Fishing Charter

If you're heading out on your first ocean fishing tour, such as with Queen Conch Charters, being prepared will ensure that you make the most out of your adventure. Ocean fishing is nothing like fishing from the side of a lake, pond, or stream. Even if you've been on the boat in the middle of a lake, you're not going to fully appreciate the ocean experience until you're out in the middle of it. Read More 

The Perfect Boat Seat For The Perfect Boating Experience

Whether you're an avid fisherman or a relax-out-on-the-sea kind of boater, the type of boat seat you use can make or break your experience. Having the right type of boat seat makes your activities easier and makes you more comfortable. Here are the different types of activities most often done on boats and the right type of seat for that activity. Fishing: Having the right seat when you're fishing is essential. Read More 

Increase Stamina And Remain Motivated While Training To Become A Cross Country Runner

If you are training to become a cross country runner and would like to increase your stamina and remain motivated so that you can complete long running sessions without feeling exhausted, the following tips will assist with reaching the personal goal that you have set for yourself. Follow A Nutrition Plan Meet with a dietician or health specialist to assist with creating a nutrition plan that will provide your body with essential vitamins and minerals that will help increase metabolism and provide you with plenty of energy throughout each day. Read More