What Makes A Water Cruise Tour Special?

When you're in an area with lots of great attractions, scenic places, historic areas, etc., it makes sense to sign up for a tour. That way you can go directly to all the best spots, and get valuable information about everything you see. In some places, particularly ones with a large body of water, you can take a water cruise tour instead of one on land.

Here are some things that can make a water cruise tour particularly special: 

How Big Is the Boat?

Not every water cruise tour will use the same sized boat, and boat size is more important than you might realize. For example, a small boat can mean a more personal tour, and the ability to maneuver through smaller waterways. A larger boat has benefits as well, as it can mean the tour company is more established and may provide a more detailed tour and have access to more exclusive sites.  

How Many Passengers?

There isn't a set number of seats on a water cruise tour that automatically makes the experience more special. However, the ratio of people compared to boat size is important. If it's a large boat with lots of passengers, it means the tour is popular and likely will be worth trying. On the other hand, some cruise tours purposefully limit how many tickets are available so that the experience is more personal and you don't have to deal with large crowds.

How Long Is It?

The length of the tour you choose is vital because you might not want a short tour or one that's too long. However, you should have no problem finding information about the different tour durations that are available, letting you find one that works for you. Some people like taking short water cruise tours so that they can fit them into their busy schedules, whereas others prefer making it an all-day adventure. 

Is There Food and Drinks on the Boat?

If you're going on a longer tour on a large boat, you'll usually be able to get food and drinks while you're on board. It could be basic things, like snacks, or full-cooked meals. If a water cruise tour doesn't offer food and drinks, they might allow you to bring your own. 

Are There Land Stops?

Some water cruise tours are done completely from the water, while others will make one or more stops on land. They might stop at spots for you to picnic, scenic areas, historic structures, etc.

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