Choose A Replacement Outboard Motor

Calculating the total weight of your watercraft, including the weight attributed to your passengers and boating supplies, will help you determine which type of outboard motor will be best suited for your watercraft. Additional considerations should be made that are reflective of the type of boat that you own.


Upgrading an outboard motor can improve the efficiency of your watercraft. The horsepower of a motor will determine how quickly your watercraft will move through the water. The boating style that you possess and the manner in which you use your boat should be assessed. If you are an angler, you may appreciate being able to move at a comfortable pace through the water. If this is the case, you may want to seek an outboard motor that is small in size.

The number of occupants on your boat and the amount of boating materials that you bring along on each outing could contribute to needing a larger, more powerful motor. If you already have an outboard motor attached to your boat, think about how it has been operating and identify the reasons why you are seeking an upgrade.

If you receive poor fuel mileage or if the motor causes your boat to move at a slower rate of speed than desired, you may want to seek the purchase of a larger motor that has a higher horsepower rating. Investing in an outboard motor that has been manufactured by a reputable brand could have a bearing on how efficient the motor will be. 

Motor Upgrades And Protection Practices

An outboard motor remains on the exterior of the boat. The motor will be covered with a casing material, which will prevent water from entering the mechanical components. Your boat's configurations may have a bearing on which motor style you will need to install on your watercraft. Swapping out a motor is a standard procedure that a marine mechanic can perform. A mechanic can also provide guidance in selecting a particular outboard motor.

Acquiring a new outboard motor is a big investment. If your boat is not going to be drydocked, a motor cover should be used to protect your new outboard motor. Although water may not infiltrate the cover much, there is still a chance that it could enter the casing. A cover will provide moisture protection and will prevent the sun's rays from fading the color of the motor casing. 

For more information, contact a local store that offers outboard replacement motors