What To Consider When Buying A Road Bicycle

Are you looking to buy a new road bicycle? If so, it will help to know what some features are that separate one quality road bike from the other.

Cable Exposure

One of the things that separate an entry model from a high-end model is the cable exposure for the brakes and bear shifting. When you are purchasing an entry-level model, those cables are going to be exposed, but a high-end model is actually able to hide the cables so that you do not see them. This may be a personal preference based on looks, but it can actually impact performance as well. That is because hosed cables will be better protected from the weather, especially if you bike during the winter. 


The collective term used for the gears and brakes is the groupset. Be aware that there are different manufacturers of groupsets that have different tiers of quality. Moving up a tier means that the components get more expensive, lighter, and increase functionality. You may notice that the gears shift a lot smoother and that there are more gears in a higher tier groupset. 

For example, the amount of teeth in each gear can make a big difference if you plan on going up a lot of hills. Having more teeth will allow you to peddle at a higher cadence when going up hills so that you can provide the power necessary to do it. If you live in a fairly flat area and tend to just ride on the road, then having more teeth on the gears may not be as big of a priority. 


There are two types of brakes that road bikes will have, which are rim brakes or disc brakes. While the latter costs a bit more, they are worth upgrading if you plan on riding on more hills and in wet conditions. Disc brakes are going to give you more control and apply more pressure than rim brakes. That being said, rim brakes are perfectly fine to have on a road bike and are actually lighter if the weight of your bike is a concern for you. 

Frame Material 

You'll find that most road bikes have frames made out of carbon and aluminum, with the majority made out of aluminum. This is due to aluminum's lighter weight, resistance to corrosion, and low manufacturing cost. Carbon is a more expensive frame material, but it has a lower weight with improved strength that gives it some added benefits. 

Keep these tips in mind when looking for a new road bicycle, such as a Pinarello Paris Rival AXS.