Five Salmon Fishing Tips That Can Help You Get The Perfect Catch

The same fishing techniques don't apply to all fish species, and the salmon is no exception. If you want to catch salmon easier, you'll want to know the proper ways to fish for them so that you don't end up making mistakes that squander your efforts. Following these five salmon fishing tips can help increase your chances of catching more salmon and may save you a lot of wasted time and frustration.

1. Use the Right Bait

Salmon are attracted more to certain types of bait and often gather in large numbers when they sense any of this bait. Roe, which are eggs that can be used as bait, usually do well in attracting salmon. You may also have good luck if you use herring as bait. Salmon are known to feast regularly on shrimp, and using some sand shrimp as bait can draw in more hungry salmon that are looking for their next meal.

2. Get the Right Hook

The hook that you use for salmon fishing can also determine your success rate. It's important to use a hook that corresponds in size to the rod. Hooks that are classified 3/0 in size often work well for river salmon fishing while 4/0 to 5/0 hooks are usually best for saltwater fishing. 

3. Fish at Dawn or Dusk

Salmon prefer lower light, and fishing at dawn or dusk when daylight is minimal can help you catch more fish that swim closer to the surface. If you try fishing in the middle of the day when the sun is brighter, you'll likely need to fish in deeper water to catch any salmon. Fishing on cloudy days can also help improve your prospects.

4. Avoid Fishing Against the Tide

If you plan to fish for salmon in open water, you'll want to fish in the direction of the tide instead of against it. Salmon are known to swim in the incoming tide's direction, and fishing against the tide will make catching the fish much more difficult.

5. Fish During the Right Season

The time of year and where you plan to fish can also determine your success rate. River fly fishing is best to do in the spring and autumn when salmon return from lakes and oceans to lay their eggs (spawn). Starting in June and ending in September, you can usually find plenty of salmon in the ocean.

Salmon fishing can be a more fun and productive endeavor if you know what you're doing while trying to catch fish. All your salmon fishing trips will likely prove to be worth the time and effort if you follow the right advice.

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