3 Methods for Inhaling Cannabis

As both medicinal and recreational marijuana become legalized in more parts of the country, more and more people are becoming interested in the benefits of cannabis. From reducing stress to alleviating pain to preventing blindness in those with glaucoma, there are many uses for marijuana that help people see it as more than a menace to society. While many consumers have used marijuana previously, just as many have not, and they are uncertain how it is used. While cannabis oil can be vaped and cannabis can be made into consumables, such as when it is baked into brownies, inhalation is the most popular delivery method. Here is a look at the three most common inhalation methods.  

Hand Pipes

Burning marijuana and inhaling the smoke is probably the most common method of delivery. It is convenient and quick. The most convenient inhalation method is using a small hand pipe. Hand pipes are carved from wood, made from metal, or blown from glass. The glass-blown pipes are colorful and sometimes intricate. They are almost akin to works of art because they are so unique and beautiful. Many aficionados become glass pipe collectors, visiting their local dispensary frequently to add to their collection. The bowl is filled with marijuana, the smoker uses their finger to plug a little hole on the side of the bow called a carburetor, the marijuana is lit, and the user inhales, releasing the carburetor once the herb is burning.

Water Pipes

Water pipes are another common method for inhaling, although these pipes are usually considerably larger than a hand pipe. This makes them less portable and potentially less convenient. These pipes are often referred to as "bongs" or "bubblers." They incorporate water, which is used as a filter. The water cools the smoke before it enters the lungs. The water may also filter out impurities. Water pipes are a good place for newcomers to start, especially if they have never smoked and aren't accustomed to inhaling smoke. A water pipe makes the smoke milder and easier to inhale without coughing.

Rolling Papers

Using rolling papers is also convenient as well as inexpensive. The marijuana is rolled into a cigarette-like shape, which is usually called a joint. If you don't have the manual dexterity to roll a joint, you can buy a cheap rolling machine to do it for you. Because the joint doesn't have a filter, it can be difficult to smoke when it gets down to the end. The end is called a roach, and people use an inexpensive tool called a roach clip to hold it so they don't burn their fingers.

Visit a cannabis dispensary for more information about your options.