Four Ways To Use Technology To Build Your Dispensary Customer Base

There is no shortage of customers looking for marijuana products, but there's also no shortage of dispensaries. If you own and operate a dispensary, you'll need to focus on building a loyal base of customers who buy from you — rather than from competitors — again and again. Thankfully, there are a few ways you can use dispensary technology to do this.

1. Keep track of loyalty points.

There are plenty of loyalty software options that will allow you to enter customers' information and track their purchases. Once customers buy a certain amount of product — say $200 worth — you can reward them with a coupon for 10% off or a free baggie of their favorite flower. This will draw new customers into the store, and it will also keep them returning again and again to build up their points.

2. Create your own app.

Another option is to create your own app that customers can download on their smartphones. The app should not just contain information on your products. It should also include a tool that customers can use to enhance their marijuana use experience. You could design a tool that allows them to type in certain ingredients and pull up recipes for weed-containing items made with their ingredients. Or, you could design a game that helps them learn more about specific strains. If customers come to love your app, then by extension, they'll keep showing up to your store.

3. Let the customers pick the music.

When a customer comes into the store, have them enter their phone number in your system. Then, send out a text to all customers once a week asking for music suggestions. Play all of the suggested songs on a certain day each week — say Friday. Customers will come in to hear their music played and see what songs everyone else wanted to hear.

4. Install a self-checkout system.

Many dispensary POS (point of sale) systems are designed to allow customers to check themselves out. They can download a compatible app, and then use their own phones to scan the items they select as they walk through the store. This not only enhances the shopping experience for your customers, but it reduces the amount of work that your employees have to do. Your employees will be better able to focus on customer service and keeping the shelves stocked, which will keep customers happy and coming back.