How To Become A Skilled Horseback Rider

Horseback riding is a rewarding and dangerous sport at the same time. Riding lessons provide you with the skills to become a good rider. For these reasons, you should not attempt to ride a horse without a certified instructor. Read on to find out how to become a skilled horseback rider.

Handle Your Horse In A Safe Manner

It is part of a horse's natural instinct to react quickly and to run fast. This ability is a protective mechanism for surviving in the wild. You must handle a horse with caution. This means approaching the animal in a calm and quiet manner. Loud noises and sudden moves can make a horse kick out or jump sideways. After a horse has become startled, it can take a while for this mood to change.

It is also important to be cautious when leading your horse. Your fingers should not be entwined with the bit, rings or halter straps. This prevents your hand from getting injured if your horse pulls away. However, it helps to start lessons on a horse with a calm demeanor.

Control Your Horse

Many instructors prefer to introduce lunge lessons early in the horseback riding lesson. Lunge lessons are when the horse circles around you on a long lunging rein. Your instructor will take on this role while you learn coordination and balance with horseback riding.

Balance is reporting when learning to gallop with your horse. A rider has to stay off the back of the animal while maintaining coordination. It is hard for the horse to run with someone flopping on his or her back. You have to sit in a straight position while centering your weight. This approach helps with controlling your horse. The lunge rein is also helpful when learning to gallop for the first time.

Learn To Steer Your Horse

Learning to stop and steer your horse are the next steps to learn after balance. You start by using the reins, which connects to the metal bit that goes in the mouth of your horse. The proper holding technique involves holding a rein in each hand with your thumbs on top of it. If you want to slow down or stop then you will softly pull back on the reins while pushing down your heels and sitting up tall. To steer to the left, you would move the rein to the left and vice versa to steer right. Steering is a motion similar to opening a door. Steering and stopping are also important for safe riding.

Horseback riding allows you to see your surroundings at another level. If you want to ride, then you should train with a good instructor who can teach you the correct way to handle the animal.