Top Features To Look For In An Optic Cover For Your Hunting Rifle Scope

Part of the thrill of hunting game is being able to track them down in the wilderness, which involves the use of some optical gear if you want to be successful. If you are an avid hunter, one of the things you will splurge on is a good scope for your hunting rifle so you will have absolute visibility and accuracy when making a shot. While scopes almost always come with a generic lens cover for optic protection, these don't measure up to some of the higher quality versions on the market. To ensure the scope on your hunting rifle is aptly protected, there are a few features you should be looking for in an optic cover, such as:

Flip-Up Design

The last thing you want to be doing is fumbling with a lens cover on an elastic cord when you spot your game in the woods. Therefore, a flip-up design is a logical solution. Flip-ups actually fit the housing of the scope itself with a cover that you flip open and closed as needed. The action is fast enough that you can open up your optics in a split second, which cuts your shot lining time down, and that can be incredibly important in some situations. 

Durable Housing 

Believe it or not, some optic covers are made of low-quality plastics that will not handle impact much at all. This means that if you accidentally pump the end of your scope, which is easy to do on a rough trail, you could end up with a busted optic lens. Instead of basic plastic designs, look for optic covers that are manufactured from durable rubber and plastics that have a direct impact rating. These will stand up to harsh environments and provide the most reliable form of protection. 


If you get a single pin-hole-sized drop of moisture on the end of your scope lens, it will wreck the visibility you would normally have. Even wiping away a drop of moisture can leave you with smudges on the lens that compromise visibility and the accuracy of your line up. Therefore, going for moisture-resistant optic covers that seal the lens from the outer elements will serve you best in the field. These optic covers usually have a rubberized seal around the cap that effectively wards of the tiniest moisture particles, dust, and debris, so you never have to worry about a contaminated lens. 

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