New To Cycling? Tips To Avoid Looking Like A Rookie

It is understandable if you do not want to look like a rookie on your first day as an amateur cyclist. Unfortunately, your cycling gear could give you away the minute you step outdoors. Luckily, if you choose the right gear, you can look like an experienced cyclist even if you are not one. Here are some tips to remember while shopping for your gear:

Select a Jersey for Your Body Type

One of the misconceptions that amateur cyclists have is that all jerseys are the same. Jerseys come in a range of sizes and styles and if you select the wrong one, it can not only cause discomfort, but your performance could be impacted.

The fits available for the cycling jerseys can vary according to the manufacturer, but most lines usually offer a jersey that is made for everyday riding and one designed for racing. Unless you are planning to enter a race soon, look for a jersey that is designed for everyday riding and practice.

Regardless of the jersey selected, you want to avoid having one that is too baggy. A baggy jersey tends to puff up as the wind hits your body. The puffing action combined with your shirt can create resistance that slows you as you ride. By contrast, a tighter fit will help to keep the wind resistance to a minimum and give you the support you need to move forward.  

Choose the Right Material

A huge difference in jerseys that you should pay close attention to is their material. The material plays a role in just how comfortable the jersey is to wear while you are riding. It can even impact how you feel when you are through riding.

A cotton jersey is a big no-no. Although cotton is a comfortable fabric to wear normally, it can turn against you while riding. The fabric is not good at absorbing and keeping it from your skin. By the time you finish riding, your skin could be extremely chaffed if you wear cotton.

A jersey with nylon or polyester is a better choice. Both fabrics help to keep the sweat off your skin and keeps you from feeling clammy. If you are riding on sunny days, you can opt for a UV treated jersey, which can help provide protection from the sunlight.

To make sure you are properly outfitted for your first day of cycling, work with an experienced retailer who specializes in cycling gear. Contact a company that offers women and men's cycling jerseys for more information and assistance.