Keeping Your Thumbs Green: How To Create A Compact Gardening Kit

Gardening can be a fun and rewarding hobby, but if your garden shed is not close to your flower or vegetable gardens, it can also be laborious. Creating a compact gardening kit is one way to make your daily hobby a bit easier. Here are a few options to consider when creating this kit.

Folding Garden Wagons

Folding garden wagons are perfect for avid gardeners. They offer all the space you need for your tools, and they can be stored neatly away in a shed or closet for the winter months. Look for one with heavy-duty tires, so you can wheel it across the lawn easily, and be sure there is a long handle with a comfortable grip. These wagons come in an array of colors and designs, giving you a way to choose one that reflects your personality.

Portable Tool Organizers

A portable tool organizer gives you a convenient way to sort your garden shears, weeders, and trowels, so they are easily accessible. These organizers feature multiple compartments for tools and gardening gloves, and they also come with handles, so you can remove the entire tool kit from your gardening wagon.

Gardening Pads

Gardening pads provide the cushion you need to work comfortably in your garden, and the convenient size fits neatly in the bottom of your gardening wagon. Look for one crafted from thick foam for added cushion, and have fun with your gardening kit by seeking out a pad in a whimsical design. Bright colors and bold floral patterns give you plenty of options to choose from, and some pads even come with matching garden gloves. You can also choose individual knee pads made for gardening, which slip on over your pants or shorts to keep you comfortable as you move around the garden.

Self-Care Kit

As you are working in the garden, you'll want to be sure you are looking out for your health and wellness. Invest in a zippered bag large enough to hold a few essential items, including bug spray and sunscreen. You may also want to add a first aid kit and sunglasses to your self-care kit, as well. A sun visor or floppy hat can also provide protection from the sun's rays. If you wear gardening clogs, put them in the kit also.

Place all of your gardening tools in the wagon, and keep it stored in your garden shed for the spring and summer. Whenever you are ready to weed, plant, or harvest, simply roll the cart out to your garden for easy access to all of your tools and accessories. Visit websites like MACSPORTS-STORE.COM for all your gardening essentials.